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FAQs about the Project

We have assembled here a range of FAQs to help inform you of the process and procedures being followed during the build of our exciting new Innovation Space project.
How long will the building works take?
We are starting the building works over October 2023 half term and the aim is to be finished by Autumn 2024. It will take close to 12 months to complete the building work with the least disruption to the education of the children. You can see the key milestones of the project on our timeline. The most disruptive work will be completed by the end of January 2024.
We have created this microsite to keep parents fully informed of the key milestones in the building works along with any changes to planned works in real time via our news tracker.

All contractors are separated from the school site within their own compound and secure fencing. Movement between the contractors’ compound and the build site will be via a ‘Banksman’ who has been fully checked.

Any contractors who come on to the school site will be fully checked or accompanied at all times. We have at least two site operatives who are fully checked and have undertaken all other checks. They will be responsible for escorting others on site. These fully checked contractors can be identified by their orange safety helmets.

We have installed information on different coloured lanyards across the school and in each classroom along with the building rules and expectations of students and staff.

We have asked that all deliveries be made during the school day – not at drop-off or pick-up times so hopefully these will not happen during these coach times. There is some reduction in parking spaces so parents should expect the car parks to be busier – it might be helpful for parents to pick up slightly later, after 16.30hrs, for example.

We have created a dedicated email address – – for parents to contact us with queries or concerns or please do call 01932 869990.

We have sectioned off the building site and put a solid hoarding around it. We have moved classes and arranged for deliveries and work to only take place between 09.00 and 15.00hrs

We have new classrooms and changing room in the ND Hive. The ND Hive is an enhancement of our Pastoral Support so shall be a peaceful, landscaped space set slightly away from the hustle and bustle of school where Mrs Windibank, the Pastoral Team and Heads of Year can talk to and work with students in a dedicated and comfortable environment. There will also be additional teaching space in the ND Hive.

We will use the sports hall more. When necessary, we will use hand tools and work at weekends and in the holidays to minimise disruption.

Students have had an assembly and staff have had a briefing on what to expect and how to behave. We hope to arrange supervised visits so that the children can meet the contractors and see what is going on. Senior students will be able to glance down from the LRC, Science and the three-storey block.

You can read all about the benefits of the new Innovation Space here.

No – the mocks for Year 11 and summer exams for Year 11 and Year 13 have been built into the programme and will take place in the Sports Hall or Lytton Parlour, well away from the building works. There will be no impact at all on exams during this timeframe.

We will be splitting the location of afternoon coach/minibus departure points. Please see HERE for details of the changes.

We will only be allowing deliveries for the building project between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday to lessen the impact on Convent Lane and the flow of traffic. The coach/minibus times should not be impacted.

Some classes will take place in The ND Hive (please see explanation above). The ND Hive is an exciting space and one which will be new to our students – not a second tier option for their learning in any way.
No, all Prep School lessons, including swimming, will take place as normal.
There will be no impact on any after-school clubs, activities or sporting fixtures during this time period.
Yes the builders will adhere to the below set of rules:
  • No radios
  • No smoking
  • No lewd behaviour
  • No bad language
  • Appropriate clothing should be worn by all contractors
  • Contractors are to observe etiquette and rules on Convent Lane
  • The Enhanced DBS and fully checked construction workers will be wearing a different colour hardhat (orange) from the other builders
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